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“Truth is often the jester”

Ten join pianist Daniel Inzani (The Mandibles, Count Bobo and the Bullion) and poet/singer/saxophonist Alabaster dePlume (Honeyfeet, Liz Green) in creating a wash of fugues, invocations and tunes.

Employing unusual and cut-throat practices, analogue equipment was used to capture the creative expressions and communications of the 12-piece ensemble, live. Spontaneity, sincerity, and humour taking stubborn precedence, the characters of all involved have formed this delightful, unique and deeply moving piece of work.

The ensemble is comprised Dartington graduates and legends of the local scene, members of Count Bobo and the Bullion, the Mandibles (“evocative, idiosyncratic and even slightly absurd – Venue Magazine”) and Bert Miller and the Animal Folk. It features Sheelanagig’s Aaron Catlow, alongside the cellos of Beth Horton, Pepino’s Jessica Macdonald, Moulettes’ Hannah Miller, and a feast of creative performers from far and wide.

As part of the project, a large collection of artists are producing images in response to the material, that will be presented online, and physically at the launch in Bristol. A crowd-funding campaign is being set up, to make the bold and uncommon move of paying the artists. Support the campaign here:

An open-source recorded improvisation from the studio session is available, and sound-artists are being encouraged to produce remixes. Open source:
The record will be available on CD, Vinyl and download, on the 8th July, and will be accompanied by the following concerts, in celebration:

12th July 3MT Manchester
13th July 3MT Manchester
14th July Kazimir Liverpool
20th July Folk House Bristol

Project website:

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