Alabaster DePlume – tenor saxophone and vocals
Daniel Inzani – upright piano and chorus
Jessica Macdonald – cello and chorus
Leon Boydon – acoustic bass and chorus
Dan Truen – drums and chorus
Dominie Hooper – vocals and percussion
Lorenzo Prati – tenor saxophone, penny whistle and chorus
Hannah Miller – cello
Beth Porter – cello
Stefan Asanovic – percussion and chorus
Aaron Catlow – violin, tiny harmonica and chorus
Pete Gibbs – percussion and chorus

Alabaster De Plumbe, Daniel Inzani, Bert Miller and the Animal Folk, The Mandibles, Beth Porter and the Availables, Rae, Count Bobo and the Bullion, Sheelanagig, The Moulettes, Lap of Honour, Dominie Hooper, Skipperbeat and Honeyfeet.