Review by Samuel Buckley
From Issue 5, June 2013

This slinky, kaleidoscopic maelstrom is the effort of a collaboration between pianist Daniel Inzani of The Mandibles and Count Bobo and the Bullion and singer/songwriter, poet, saxophonist, non-machine-washable Alabaster Deplume. They are joined by ten of the most fiercely talented musicians Bristol or Manchester has to offer, or anywhere for that matter.

The input of all involved is apparent and inevitable as the record bubbles away, sometimes simmering gently under Deplume’s derisive observations, sometimes rolling dangerously to boiling point as heavily as Mulatu Astatke’s big, awesome grooves. Even if ‘Captain Marzipan’ isn’t your favourite track on this album, it’s the best title of any track ever. Fact. Even if poetry is not your thing and ethio-informed jazz doesn’t move you, The Jester may be on repeat on your silly iPhone for a while. No kidding.

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